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At the YMCA, we focus on transforming lives and helping each other achieve goals. We also emphasize making new friends and connecting with our community. The words achievement, belonging, and relationships are intertwined in all we do. Our group exercise classes, gyms, and pools help strengthen physical bodies. However, the Y strives to also strengthen the mind and spirit.

Staying motivated can become difficult in a fitness routine. The YMCA provides multiple group fitness options that assist with “changing things up” or trying something new. You should never get bored if you are willing to keep trying new things. Check out our class schedule today and try something new.

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The below schedule is subject to change.

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Group Fitness July 2024

All members and guests who attend Group Fitness Classes and use the Group Fitness studios are expected to adhere to the following rules and policies:

• Participants must be 14 years of age or older
• For your safety and respect for other classmates and instructors, please arrive to class on time and prepared. Entrance to class is not permitted five minutes after class starts.
• Group Fitness studios hold up to 25 participants. Reserving a “spot” or moving another member from a space for your own use is not permitted.
• Appropriate clothing and clean footwear is required at all times.
• Children are not permitted in the Group Fitness Studio or lobby during classes. Child watch is available free of charge for full family members.
• Sound equipment may only be operated by Health and Fitness staff.
• Spinning bikes in the Studio are for class use only.
• Personal headphones are not permitted during Group Fitness classes and events.
• Cell phones must be turned off or to vibrate during classes.
• Personal belongings (such as bags or coats) are not allowed in the studios. Temporary lockers are located in the locker rooms
• The Riverbrook YMCA is a welcoming community. Please help make new members feel welcome.
Group Fitness Questions? Please email:

Thank you for adhering to the above policies and we hope you enjoy the class, get some exercise and meet someone new!

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We are so excited to provide our members with the Y Wellness 24/7 virtual wellness platform, available anytime from anywhere.