Tae Kwon Do
Dr. Douglas DeMassa has created a specific fun martial arts program that is designed to promote the proper maturation and development of your child’s nervous system & brain as they progress through the belt system.

Classes Offered:
• Kindergarten Level
• Beginner/White Belt: Focuses on advancing coordination & balance, attention,
visual-spatial tasks, short-term memory, reverse logic and teamwork
• Intermediate/Yellow & Orange Belt: Focuses on attention with working memory tasks,
timing of motor skill, strength and flexibility and leadership skills
• Advanced/Green Belt: Focuses on working memory tasks in a sparring/self defense base
• The Junior class is a regular Martial Arts class encompassing all aspects of training including stretching, forms and drills.
• Sparring is a “mock” fighting class where students wear protective gear and spar for points. It is very controlled and safe, however it it is not mandatory.


Please contact Senior Sports Director, Mike Kazlauskas
at 203-762-8384 x277 or