Accepting Admission for 24-25 School Year

The Riverbrook Regional Y Preschool Program is a state-licensed learning program for 3-5 year olds, with a small teachers to child ratio. The program seeks to provide a nurturing environment that builds upon your child’s natural curiosity, imagination and creativity.

The overall philosophy of the program is that children learn best by participating in “hands-on” activities and learning through free play. (Please review “The Importance of Free Play” Click Here). Classrooms are set up for center-based learning: easels, blocks, dramatic play, art, water table, library corner, math, and science. Children can choose activities based on their own interests. We use a balance of small group and whole group activities.

The concept of whole language learning is presented as the pre-reading element of the program, and is introduced into the classroom in a variety of ways: stories read to children, songs, letter of the week, sight words, writing, chants, finger plays, poems and taking children’s dictation. Children are introduced to activities that help develop a connection between speaking and listening, which can enhance reading skills in Kindergarten and elementary school. Our school’s curriculum is created around the CT Early Childhood Standards,

A major goal of the Y Preschool Program is to promote each child’s good health and physical well being by developing large muscle strengths through swimming and creative movement. In addition to the basic school day, outdoor play, swimming lessons, gym time, Zumba, yoga, cooking class and music are important parts of the program for large motor skill development. Our program embraces the HEPA Standards (Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Standards) as given to us by the YMCA of the USA. Parents provide nutritious snacks on a weekly rotational basis and all children participate in 45 minutes of rigorous play each day.

Children who attend the Riverbrook Regional Y Preschool Program must be a full Child or full Family members of the Y. The Preschool Program generally follows the Wilton Public School calendar.

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Meet Our Teaching Staff

Kimberly Fejes, Preschool Director

Kimberly Fejes, Preschool Director

I started teaching at the Y more than 15 years ago because I loved the idea of being part of such a close knit community and school that has become part of my family. As I’ve continued to teach and later become the Director of the Preschool & Afterschool, I’ve had the great fortune of teaching and watching hundreds of children grown and learn though our preschool, afterschool and summer camp programs. I am so grateful to have found and be part of an educational program whose philosophy of teaching to the whole child and creating a partnership with the parents of the programs aligns with my own teaching philosophy and methods. With my Classroom Educator certification in Positive Discipline, I continue to instruct our teachers and help them to foster classrooms of mutual respect, creativity, positive self concept, and independence, while developing their love for learning and preparing them for years of future education. I love stepping into our classrooms each day and witnessing the kindness between our children while playing, an “ah ha” moment as one of our teachers shares a new concept, or a child achieving a seemingly simple task, but one that was done of complete independence.

Favorite Class Memory: Ambler Farm
Favorite Class Memory: Ambler Farm

Miss Jodie

3’s & 4’s Teacher

 I have been a teacher at the Y for the past 13 years. During that time have I taught in the 2s, 3s, and 4’s class. When I’m not at the Y, I enjoy long walks and hikes with family and friends.

Why I teach at the Y: I love teaching at the Y because the Preschool Program focuses on the whole child and our philosophy that children learn best through play and positive reinforcement. The program is structured to offer various opportunities for each child in the programs to develop socially, cognitively and physically through hands on activities. Every June I look back on the child and an in awe of the friendships they have developed and their increased self confidence and self-help skills. I am so grateful to have been a part of this import time in their lives.

Favorite Song: Class Dance Parties & "Frozen" Sing a-longs
Favorite Song: Class Dance Parties & “Frozen” Sing a-longs

Miss Patty

4’s Teacher

I have spent the past 13 years teaching Preschool at the Y. When not at the Y, I am home in Wilton with my husband of 30 years, 3 handsome sons and 2 dogs. I enjoy cooking and baking for my family and friends, long walks, the Beach (even in Winter), gardening and volunteering within the community.

Why I teach at the Y: I teach at the Y because I love being a part of the “hub” of our community. There is always so much positive activity and energy everywhere you go. The environment is welcoming to all, and focused on a healthy mind and body.

Miss Brenda

Pre-K Teacher

I’m so excited to be a part of the preschool family! When I’m not at the Y, you can find me volunteering at Meals on Wheels Kitchen. Every week I make over 100 sandwiches for people who can’t leave their homes. I also love to garden, do puzzles, read, and watch Knick’s games with my family and our German Shepard puppy, Leo.

Why I teach at the Y: I love that the Y is such an important part of the community. Growing up in Redding as part of a big family (5 brothers and 2 sisters!), we spend a lot of time at the Y. When I became a mom, our 3 kids also loved spending time here. Over the past couple of years I have been lucky enough to work in Child Watch, at  the Front Desk and subbing in the Preschool. I love that the Y is here for so many families and am so happy to be part of that community!

Favorite Character: Winnie the Pooh
Favorite Character: Winnie the Pooh

Miss Carrie

Pre-K Teacher

Welcome to our YMCA! While I’ve been actively teaching at the Y for many years, I am also a busy Mom who loves to ready, binge watch reality TV, bake and walk trails with my dog, Peppa.

Why I teach at the Y: After earning my degree in Early Childhood Education, I began my journey at the Wilton YMCA in several roles such as Summer Camp, Kindergarten Enrichment, 3’s, 4’s, & Pre-K as well as volunteered at many YMCA events. I feel so lucky to be part of the creative teaching staff at the Y Preschool because I am able to watch the excitement of learning something new on the children’s faces every day. Being part of the YMCA enhances these opportunities for growth as well as a connection with the community.

Favorite Class Tradition: Visits from Santa
Favorite Class Tradition: Visits from Santa
Favorite Character: Magic Carpet from Aladdin
Favorite Character: Magic Carpet from Aladdin

Mike Kazlauskas

Senior Sports & Camp Director

Cardio with Coach Kaz Instructor & Preschool Sports Teacher

Hello! So nice to have you at the Wilton Y! This is going to be my 18th year at this Y! I am the Sports & Camp Director so feel free to ask me about Camp when you see Me! My hobbies include watching sports, driving my car, playing video games and spending time with my family! I also love going to places and trying new food!

Why: My dream job was to be a police office because I just wanted to help people, but I realized I can do that at the Y too! Being involved in camp, the schools and sports has really shown me that I can make a big difference in this world. As we say at Camp Gordyland, “FTK”- For the Kids!


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