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DANCE at the Riverbrook Regional YMCA

 Program Goal

The YMCA dance program is aimed in giving a good foundation of basic skills to beginner dancers in ballet, tap and hip hop. The ages are preschool – 8th grade. The focus is fun and camaraderie for all ages!


For safety, and to minimize distraction, all dancers will dress appropriately for class: leotards, tights, ballet or tap shoes. Boys can wear a fitted t-shirt and sweatpants but nothing too baggy. Hair, if long, will be pulled back in a ponytail or bun.

*Tap Shoes, Ballet Shoes, and tights are available for purchase on-site.


Class will not be overly technical. Students will experience creative movement in a laid-back atmosphere. We will play games and utilize props such as tambourines, mats and hula hoops. The focus is on following directions and teamwork. Skills will be introduced as children become more coordinated.

Kindergarten – 8th grade

Class will be tailored to the current experience level of the group but the students will be also be assessed individually. They will be encouraged to achieve and learn the moves at their own pace. Students will learn the importance of supporting each other and perhaps demonstrating skills to help each other learn. Occasionally there will be teamwork driven activities working in small groups, such as creating simple choreography and presenting to their peers. 

They will learn the importance of warming up and foundation work, conditioning and stretching. Every class will begin with a warm up at the barre and on the floor. Once the basics are learned they will learn simple choreography combinations. 

Wrap Up

Dancers will learn an entire choreographed routine in ballet, tap or hip hop. The routine will showcase each dancer’s ability and presented in a show format to an audience. 

At the end of the dance program the students should feel a sense of pride and accomplishment in their achievements!

For more information or to register, please contact Rhoda Kasparek, Director of Healthy Living, at 203-762-8384 or

 Join with your friends and have fun!


Please contact Director of Healthy Living,
Rhoda Kasparek
203-762-8384 x282 or