Adult Fitness



• These classes are not included in membership
• There are additional fees to participate.
• Make-ups and/or credits cannot be given for absences.
• For more information please call Rhoda Kasparek x282

The Riverbrook Regional YMCA has a nutritionist on staff to help you custom design a program just for you. We offer a variety of fitness and nutrition options to meet your needs. Fitness and nutrition education can make a difference in meeting and exceeding your goals!

To schedule Personal Training or Assisted Stretch with one of our certified Personal Trainers, contact Rhoda Kasparek at 203-762-8384 x282 or

Riverbrook Regional YMCA Tri-Club
The RRY Tri Club offers a network of information, support services, training, and racing opportunities for athletes from beginner to elite. This club is the perfect way to meet others who share your passion for Triathlons, Duathons, road racing and/or swimming. As a member of the RRY Tri club you will have access to group workouts and instruction from our experienced lead coach, discounts, and more. 
Race open events as a team or individually.

Club Dues: $150/member or $250/nonmember for the 2022 season (runs through Sept 30)
• Free access to triathlon-based lectures and events
• 2 Training sessions per week (group runs, cycling, lectures, or swim)
• Club trips to off-site destinations for swimming, cycling or running
• Access to 1 group pool swim per week
• Group presence at certain targeted races
• Discounted training packages at the Y
• Discount towards joining the masters swim team

Pilates Reformer Classes

The fundamental Pilates workout can be performed on a Pilates mat alone with great results. However, various equipment pieces such as the Reformer, Tower and Chair provide support that allows you to safely manipulate your body to stretch and engage muscles otherwise challenging to isolate. This equipment incorporates light spring resistance to sculpt, tone and stretch the muscles. Smaller equipment pieces such as circles and exercise balls also provide an element of variety and focus to a Pilates regimen. Each session offers variety so that no 2 workouts are alike.

Private Sessions
A one-on-one training session is the most effective way to learn, practice and perfect your Pilates performance. Our instructor will devote undivided attention to your specific needs and develop a custom program for optimum results on either the mat, the reformer or the MVE fitness chair. All sessions are one hour in length.
Members only: $90/hr Single Session, $775/10 sessions

Group Classes
We offer group classes of up to four people per class. Our group sessions are one hour in length and meet one day a week for four weeks. One private session is required for an instructor evaluation prior to joining a group class.
Members: $140/person for 4-week session
Non-Members: $180 /person for a 4-week session

Please contact Barbara Merritt at 203-858-8393 for more information on the reformer  or to get started.

Small Group Programs in the Athletic Training Center (ATC)

TRX: This revolutionary workout method uses your body weight and gravity as resistance to build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability.
Limited to 5 participants, members only.

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Reformer 2
2 TRX Boot camp with Alex

Nutritional Counseling

One-hour sessions with registered dietitian.
By appointment only.

Sara O’Brien RD, CDN works with both youth and adults.
Contact Rhoda Kasparek at 203-762-8384 ext. 282 for information.

Please contact
Rhoda Kasparek

Director of Healthy Living
203-762-8384 x282