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Camp Culture

Campers will experience a day of both traditional and non-traditional activities.

Our program will help campers demonstrate sportsmanship, skill development and fun in a safe environment based on our Five Camp Character Values:

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Gordy’s Glossary

“Character Rock” Tradition:

Our Character Rock is located near our Street Hockey & Beach activities.  Each summer, our camp “color teams” earn points when they personify our YMCA’s Character Values of Caring, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility and Unity.  The team with the most points at the end of the summer receives the honor of painting the rock their team’s color for all to see until the next summer.  There are many layers of color on our precious Character Rock!  What color will the Character Rock be at the end of this summer?!

“The Big Show Belt”:

During our annual Color Games Week, our 5 Color Teams: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue, compete in four categories during our Big Show on the Friday of Color Games.  All week long the Color Teams practice for these categories: entrance, mascot, cheer and dance as directed by their Color Team Generals (our camp directors).  The Color Team earning the most points overall during the Big Show will earn the Color Belt! Check out a Color Team’s Entrance HERE

“Character Cup”:

During our annual Color Games Week, our 5 Color Teams: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue, compete all week long to earn points towards the Character Cup.  Color team can earn points for winning Opening Ceremonies activities like the frozen T-shirt contest, egg toss, lemon eating and many more favorites.  Groups can also earn points at their activities, finding their team’s color chip during “Color Chip Challenge”, guessing director and specialists secret identities and by raising the most money from our Penny Wars this week or by having the most positive points from Penny Wars.  The wining Color Team will be presented with the Character Cup at The Big Show!

Gordy’s Golden Ticket:

Legend has it that many years ago, Gordy, the gator lived on the 22 acres that our camp sits on today.  The camp grounds looked very different than it does now.  The grounds were swampy and inhabited by reptiles and other exotic creatures.  When the people built the Riverbrook YMCA, the animals moved to other areas but Gordy stayed because he had a treasure buried somewhere on the YMCA property.  This coveted treasure was filled with toys and prizes!  Because he loves Camp Gordyland and its campers, he has hidden a Golden Ticket that grants the lucky recipients access to this priceless treasure.  Clues to the ticket’s whereabouts are given twice a week to the camp by Gordy himself!

Hot Dog Wednesdays:
Hot dogs are Gordy, the gator’s favorite food! Every Wednesday, campers have the opportunity to purchase  hot dogs.  The cost is $3 for 1 hot dog or $5 for 2 hot dogs.  We ask that parent provide additional nutritional lunch options to fuel our campers throughout the camp day.


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