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Racquet Sports Camp

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Activities include:

o Pickleball
o Touch tennis
o Badminton
o Paddle tennis
o Beach tennis

Students or Campers engaging in various racquet sports can significantly improve a student’s hand-eye coordination, which has practical applications in everyday life. By exploring different racquet sports, participants have the opportunity to become versatile individuals, adept at multiple activities, while still excelling in one particular sport.
Here is a phrase I sometimes use as a example: “jack of all trades and king of one”

Age Groups:
2 – 4 Grade
5-8 Grade
High School


CANCELLATION POLICY: we have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Any lesson cancelled with 24 hours prior to schedule time will be charged the full rate.
> RAIN / SNOW POLICY: We will always contact you (by e-mail or Txt ) if there is a weather related cancellation. Please assume all lessons are on until you hear otherwise.


Please contact:

Ritush Venugopal at